Stellar Scalp Exosomes


If you experience hair thinning and or loss, the Stellar Scalp Exosomes has got you. It’s breakthrough therapy for distressed scalps, hair (and hearts) and once we’ve finished with you, you’ll have the Calecim PTT-6™ cultured media using a proprietary technique to harness 1000’s of powerful Stem Cell proteins boosting your hair’s growth - now that’s a lot of genius on one head! Visible results can appear in as little as 6 weeks and, like magic, continues over the course of a year. So, when it comes to hair growth, This therapy ticks every box. Confidence boost – check! Embarrassment quash – check! Feeling like you again – check check check!

****Includes 6 week at home kit

Who it’s for
Men/women wanting the latest effective non-surgical innovation to combat thinning hair or hair loss, a problematic scalp or those wanting to promote scalp and hair health.

Key benefits
Stimulation to support the regeneration of hair follicles and regrowth. The scalp, hair cycle and health of the hair are looked after. Results may vary.


Step 1

First we descale your scalp via a peel to remove any dead skin cells and debris

Step 2

Next your aesthetician (and new BFF) will then apply PTT-6™ and penetrate into the scalp via microneedling, letting science work its magic.

Step 3

The ritual is finished off with a nurturing medically certified Dermalux MD LED (the LED big gun).