Stellar Body

40min £190

Coming to a body near you, through the wondrous methods of non-invasive, gentle radio frequency, we give you tighter, firmer skin, with noticeably less cellulite and a side of body-confidence. So long sagginess, jog on crepiness, the Stellar Body isn’t buying it and your days are numbered. Think of a hot stone massage with a little extra pressure – that’s how radio frequency feels. It gently heats the dermis to tighten the skin without actually hurting it and the treatment requires zero down time (we’ll take that...). You’ll need a few sessions (between 6 and 12) before you notice results, but it’s like a skin gym. That membership will feel super-sweet when you’re sporting a firmer, tighter bod.

Who’s it for
Suitable for most, especially those wanting to diminish crepey skin and sculpt their abs, inner and outer thighs, upper arms or above the knees as well as reduce cellulite.

Key benefits
This pain-free treatment requires no downtime, reinvigorates skin and helps to firm, sculpt and lift key areas of the body. It’s body brilliant! (sorry, we couldn’t resist.)