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This is essential biohacking: personalised nutritional and lifestyle guidance tailored to your unique genetic makeup. Nutrigenomics, the science of precision nutrition, examines how diet & nutrients affect gene expression. Our genes hold key roles in metabolism, detoxification, energy production, inflammation & cell renewal, not to mention resilience and mental health. This individualised approach to nutrition highlights what works for our bodies to function optimally, supporting overall wellness and the ageing process.

Who’s it for
Many chronic conditions, plus daily or cyclical fluctuations in health, can be linked to individual nutrition, genetics and lifestyle. Nutrigenomics offers optimal health benefits to us all.

Key Benefits
Nutrigenomics highlights the nutrients that optimise our genetic expression, helping to improve health concerns, attain optimal health and support better energy, mood, a healthier weight & longevity.


About Treatment

A simple DNA test is the starting point. Then, a comprehensive health questionnaire all about you. The initial consultation is then dedicated to assessing your entire health history, current wellness and future health goals, along with interpretation of your unique genetic test results. Over a series of three consultations we will work together to create a personalised nutrition, supplement & lifestyle plan that complements your unique needs. Functional testing such as microbiome, hormone or micronutrient testing complements the process where required. Understanding your individual genetic blueprint provides invaluable guidelines to empower you to make better daily food choices & incorporate relevant nutraceuticals into your diet to optimise your genetic expression. It’s proactive, personalised, targeted.

About Practitioner

Andrea Hunt's practice is underpinned by the principles of Functional Medicine. Andrea is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist with a Masters in Genomic Medicine. She holds Nutrigenetic Counsellor Register status with the British Association for Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine and is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach.