£649 DNA test & report + Consultation
£799 DNA test & report + Consultation + 2 follow-ups

Nutrigenomics examines how diet & nutrients affect gene expression. Our genes hold key controlling roles in metabolism, detoxification, energy production, hormone function, cardiovascular health, inflammation & cell renewal, as well as resilience & mental health. Imbalances in these biological pathways can have profound effects on health & ageing, and are enormously influenced by diet & lifestyle.

Who’s it for
For those who want to age better, this is the next step in biohacking: learning your
personalised nutrient requirements & lifestyle advice tailored to your unique DNA results, to help mitigate disease risk & optimise overall cellular health.

For concerns about chronic disease in your family history, such as diabetes,
cardiovascular issues or cancer, Nutrigenomics can provide actionable information for you to help improve your disease risk factors.

For those looking to address existing health concerns such as fatigue, poor sleep, mood & anxiety, food sensitivities, vitamin deficiency, high cholesterol or digestive & hormonal issues, Nutrigenomics can look at key metabolic areas where your genetic expression may be compromised and contributing to these symptoms.

Key Benefits
Nutrigenomics identifies our personal nutrient requirements & how to optimise our genetic expression, helping to improve current & future health concerns, supporting overall wellness & the ageing process. It’s proactive, personalised, targeted.


About Treatment

A finger prick or cheek swab DNA test starts you off and only needs to be done once; your DNA doesn’t change. A few weeks later we meet to discuss your detailed health history, current wellness & future health goals, along with interpretation of your unique Nutrigenomics test results. You will receive a personalised nutrition, supplement & lifestyle plan that complements your unique needs. Functional testing such as microbiome, hormone or micronutrient testing is recommended where required.

The Metabolism & Longevity DNA test focuses on key biological pathways that underpin energy regulation & longevity, including genes involved in appetite, blood sugar & weight imbalances, digestive & liver detox issues, mitochondrial damage, low energy & cholesterol/cardiovascular disease.

The Health Foundations DNA test examines genes involved in key biological pathways that govern overall metabolic health, food/vitamin responsiveness & susceptibility to chronic disease, and is an ideal broad spectrum test for anyone looking to improve their health.

About Practitioner

Andrea Hunt's practice is underpinned by the principles of Functional Medicine. Andrea is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist with a Masters in Genomic Medicine. She holds Nutrigenetic Counsellor Register status with the British Association for Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine and is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach.