Stellar Scalp Aftercare

We hope your treatment was everything you were expecting and more. Thank you for putting your trust in us and congratulations on embarking on your scalp and hair health journey! 

There are just a few things we wanted to make you aware of, post-treatment, that might initially cause some alarm but are actually nothing to worry about.

Your skin feels...different

Ah yes, that warm, tight, slightly sun burnt feeling. Sound familiar? No, your skin is not about to combust, it’s just what happens after a non-invasive micro-needling procedure and is completely bog standard, normal, nothing-to-see-here behaviour. These sensations occur thanks to the active micro puncture of the skin’s top layer and should ease within a few hours. 

You’re looking flushed 

To be frank, we’d be confused if you weren’t! For the first 24-48 hours post-treatment, active processes are working their magic behind the scenes, beneath the skin so yes, looking a bit red on the scalp is almost guaranteed. Don’t fret if your skin feels a bit dry and tight too, it’s just business as usual. Mild swelling and redness may occur which typically goes away within 2 to 24 hours. Bruising can occur. Avoid washing the hair for 24 hours, extreme temperatures using hair styling devices and saunas for 48 hours post treatment; best to wait a minimum of one week before dyeing your hair after a scalp microneedling treatment

Your skin’s flaky

This is very common 3-4 days after microneedling so you can relax. It might last a few days but just think – a new generation of beautiful, tip top skin is being pushed through faster than usual and the results are going to be game-changing. Just you wait - dry, flaky skin for a few days is a small price to pay for replenished, incredible skin in the long run. * Drops mic *

You’re experiencing micro-peeling

On around days 3 and 4 post-peel, this is very common and by day 7 your skin will have returned to normal. Resist the urge to scratch, pick or pull at the treated skin – we know, we know, it’s ridiculously tempting. But if you leave it well alone, you’ll reap the rewards of your treatment much quicker.

6 pointers for post-treatment

  1. Take it easy: Hey you! Yes, you. Be kind to your skin, especially in the first 72 hours post-treatment. Whilst in the long run your skin is being pampered, today it’s been through a lot. It could do without excessive heat too so cool down the temperature in-shower. Avoid washing your hair for 24 hours and extreme temperatures using hair styling devices if you’ve just had scalp microneedling. Avoid things like saunas and long soaks in the bath or hot tub for 72 hours after your appointment. Best to wait a minimum of one week before dyeing your hair 
  2. Peachy clean: Try to avoid touching your scalp for 8 hours, unless it’s to apply Skinfuse Rescure to calm and soothe your skin during the first 24 hours whenever you need it. Other than that though, it’s strictly no touching allowed to stop bacteria getting in and undoing all of your therapist’s hard work. Treat yourself to some clean bed linen before you go to sleep too. 
  3. Be reddy: That redness and/or swelling you’re seeing is totally normal and no, you shouldn’t panic. It will go within 1-2 days.
  4. Protect to perfect: For at least 2 weeks post-treatment, SPF is your ride or die. Apply it every 2 hours, daily, and avoid sun exposure 14-21 days prior and post-procedure. We promise we’re not boring – hey, you should see us at the team quiz night - but when it comes to your skin vs the sun, we’re militant.
  5. Workout: We love nothing more than a workout either but take a break from strenuous exercise for 24 hours to limit sweating. It’s guilt-free and this one’s on us. 
  6. Don’t forget to flush: No not that. We mean the toxins released from the treatment. How? By staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water.