Sound Healing

60minFrom £90

Sound, vibration and the breath have the power to relax and restore us at our deepest level. Go on a journey of sound, gentle movement and vibration that will release stress, improve clarity of thought and connect you with your truest self.

Who it's for

Anyone open to allowing sound into their lives. To disconnect from stress, find their inner self, and emerge re-energized and with a clear sense of calm.

Key Benefits

Deeply relaxing. A short cut to a meditative state. Releases tension in the body, and relaxes your central nervous system. An escape from the hecticness of life.



About the consultation

1. Multi-Instrument: Our journey begins with a brief, guided meditation directing your focus to the breath and preparing your body to receive the transformational and deeply nourishing benefits of sound from crystal bowls, the gong, chimes and other instruments.
2. The Ancient Gong: This transformative sound experience combines the healing power of
sound with the meditative effects of the time-honoured sound practices of the gong.
3. Gentle Movement & Sound: This class will help you release full body tension by using a combination of breathing exercises, guided gentle and restorative yoga, followed by a sound meditation experience. A deeply nourishing restorative yoga practice designed to relax your nervous system from the hecticness of daily life.
4. 1:1 Sound Massage: The bowls are placed directly on the body. Using a combination of new and antique Tibetan singing bowls, these powerful energy conductors are chimed to feel powerful vibrations. Our human bodies consist of more than 70% water, so if you visualise a stone dropped in water, the ripple effect is the same for the vibrations travelling through the cells in our body, simultaneously relaxing and rebalancing them. The sounds of the singing bowls are deeply restorative, leaving you feel rejuvenated from inside out.
5. 1:1 Sound Chakra Massage: A deeply relaxing treatment where the bowls are placed around the body mapped to the seven main chakras. The bowls are chimed in a sequence to bring balance to each of the chakras and their corresponding areas of the body. Carefully curated Tibetan antique singing bowls are used to work specifically with the chakra points along the body to release any blockages, producing a deeply meditative and personalised experience.

About Nancy

Nancy is certified practitioner in yoga, sound baths and sound healing. She specialises in hatha, aerial and restorative yoga. Nancy offers small group sound baths and private sound healing sessions where she draws upon ancient wisdom to create a relaxing and restorative experience for individuals and small groups.
Nancy developed her passion for yoga, sound therapy, sound healing and meditation over the course of 22 years she lived in Asia, of which she spent over 15 years in China and Hong Kong.
Today, Nancy lives in London and offers small group an individual classes out of her studio off Regent’s Street. She also frequently travels the globe looking to connect, learn and work with like-minded people who embody the modern and alternative wellness space.
Previously, Nancy worked in senior management for a Functional Medicine Clinic in Hong Kong. She has a Master’s in Art Business and Management from the University of New South Wales, Sydney.
Nancy is registered with Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Therapists as a Sound Therapist.