Roses Gabor

Sound Healer

Having always had an innate connection to music, sound and frequencies Roses has spent her life to date in sonic bubbles with some of the most incredible musicians on the planet from The late great Bobby Womack, to Gorillaz, Damon Albarn, Sampha, SBTRKT, Thundercat, The Stereotypes (Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars) the list goes on. Not only is she a brilliant musician with impeccable melodic sensibilities but she has developed her musical gifts as an instrument of sound through spiritual practices from decades spent at the buddhist centre practising the repetitive chant of a mantra or through the simple AUM throughout her yoga practice. The healing power of frequency and ancient wisdoms have weaved a beautiful web throughout her life and nervous system which she has now evolved again by incorporating crystal alchemy singing bowls. Roses is a certified sonic therapist who uses the highest quality crystal alchemy bowls alongside other select instruments including Koshi & Tibetan chimes to gently guide you, sending sound waves throughout the body, into a state of deep meditative relaxation, bringing harmony through oscillation and resonance and in turn restoring the body to balance.