Massage Aftercare

Congratulations for making time in your day to take care of yourself. Thank you for choosing to do this with us. We hope you enjoyed your massage therapy.

So you may be wondering what do I do now : Go about your day or relax, the choice is yours but we’re sure you’ll enjoy a good nights sleep.

Don’t forget to flush : No not that. We mean the toxins released from the treatment. How? By staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water. Any body massage no matter how light or deep boosts your circulatory and lymphatic systems which is a wonderful boost of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, organs and other body tissues. As these processes have now been stimulated there will also be an improvement of toxin elimination which will create dehydration so it’s very important to rehydrate, preferably with water not coffee and alcohol! If you feel headachy after a massage it’s usually because you’re a little dehydrated.

The most important thing to do after a massage is to drink plenty of water!

Feel a little tenderness : If you’ve chosen a Sheila Perez Method™️ or Sports/Deep Tissue Massage there’s a chance you may feel a little tender, have some redness or like you’ve had a work out, especially if it’s your first treatment or you haven’t had one for a while. It’s not an uncommon feeling, working the muscles fibres is like a passive form of exercise.

Gym bunnies : On the day of a Sports/Deep Tissue Massage you might not get your best gym performance but the day after or the day after that you’ll be raring to go. If you’re training for a specific event please tell us so that we can work with you to get the best out of your body for the best performance.

Fancy a bite : As your circulatory system has been boosted this in turn will also stimulate your digestive system so you may want to eat something light afterwards. I would always advise not to receive a massage on a completely empty stomach as the treatment is relaxing and lowers blood pressure so you may feel a little light headed afterwards. Don’t eat a large meal beforehand as this would be uncomfortable but depending on the time of day of your massage just a light breakfast or lunch at least an hour before.