Andrea Hunt

Registered Nutritional Therapist & Nutrigenetic Counsellor

A 15-year career in investment banking - and its associated burnout - brought about a sharp awareness of how physically and mentally crippling it is to live in sub-par health. With one body in this one life, prioritising our health is an imperative, not an option. The effects of overworking, over-achieving or trying to be everything to everyone build up and the body responds in myriad detrimental ways to the homeostasis of our health & wellbeing. Life gets in the way, but we can take steps to support the innate renewing & anti-ageing biological functions of the body. The importance of genetic testing as a supporting role in wellness and preventative medicine is ever more apparent; specifically, the interaction of genetics with lifestyle, environment and nutrition. Andrea is passionate about helping individuals take proactive action to optimise their genetic and biological predispositions to negate the damaging health effects that life throws at us.