Remodelling Lymphatic Massage (SPM)

**45min / 75min£180 / £280

Channel your inner Miami goddess with THE firming, cellulite-busting, body-sculpting, detoxing, deep-tissue, lymphatic drainage massage that’s come straight from the shores of the US and means business. As well as improved blood circulation and better bowel function on the inside, the results of this on the outside are just glorious (you know, if you like looking beautifully contoured and all that). It’s thanks to some vigorous lymphatic techniques that – bing-bong - may not replicate the typical send-you-to-sleep massage you’re used to but when there’s work to be done on draining fluids and toxins, as well as the reshaping of body contours like the abdomen, waist and buttocks, who needs to feel zen eh.

Who’s it for
Cindy, Jlo, Elle and anyone in need a bit of remodelling and reshaping on the outside and/or detoxing and improving on the inside. If you’re faint of heart, look away now.

Key benefits
Targets localised fat and cellulite for remodelling and defining, improves circulation, reduces fluid retention, improves bowel function, boosts immune system and generally makes you feel brand new.

**** The 45min booking option is for a targeted area only. You have a choice of legs & bottom or stomach, arms and back. For the full experience please book the 75min option.


About Karen

Having trained in sports massage and injuries and worked with professional athletes as well as touring musicians our resident body guru is always one step ahead of the game (oh we love it when a team member is that dedicated to her craft). She is the only official qualified UK practitioner of the incredible Sheila Perez Method – a favourite with the best global bods in the biz - to improve skin texture, cellulite, immune system and detoxing, as well as as well as stimulating circulation.