2023 Astro Year Ahead

By Hedy Noemi

Join us for an evening of cosmic insights with astrologer and psychic healer Hedy Noemi, also known as the Nymph of Neptune. 
2023 promises to be a year full of deep collective shifts and opportunities for personal growth. On the 19th December join us for a special evening of astrology insights, as we go on a journey to understand where we sit in the collective journey and connect to planetary energies. 

About the event

Our astrologer will unpack the planetary cycles and help you connect to your own innate wisdom.
We start the year with a unique Mars retrograde in Gemini, and have the last cycle of eclipses in Taurus & Scorpio awaiting us in Spring. In these times of uncertainty connecting to the eternal magic of the moon cycles can be a grounding and liberating practice, especially for those of us with busy urban lives.

Come connect with the cosmos to ease you into the holiday festivities.

About Hedy

Hedy Noemi, also known as Nymph of Neptune, is an astrologer and psychic who guides her clients using the unbiased lens of their personal astrology. A spiritual coach who guides people all over the world, her sessions will connect you to your own intuition, while passing on any messages from spirit. Her intimate sessions will also reveal what your personal astrology holds in store for the month or year ahead. Hedy deals with all life areas, including but not limited to career, personal power, sexuality, relationships and family conditioning.