Natal Chart Reading

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Your natal chart is a map of the cosmos at the moment you were born. My role as your astrologer is to translate the deeper meaning of these planetary positions. My birth chart readings reveal the inner workings of your life’s patterns.

Sometimes they are simply a mirror to reflect back what you might have missed. Many find my astrology readings healing and empowering. Not every reading has to be deep or cathartic. I see many clients on a weekly or monthly basis to harness the shifting cycles and gain clarity.

Who it's for
If you've come upon something in your life that you can't make sense of, are transitioning (new job, getting married, big move), or just feeling like you need direction, a natal chart reading could be for you.

Key benefits
Natal chart readings are a great tool to get to deepen the relationship with yourself, help you make sense of your quirks and foibles, and assist you in making decisions with insight from the stars.


About the consultation

A diagram of your natal chart along with an intimate 60minute session to review and explain it in detail. This is an introductory session and you are encouraged to ask questions as our goal is to provide as much clarity and insight as we can.

About Hedy

Hedy Noemi, also known as Nymph of Neptune, is an astrologer and psychic who guides her clients using the unbiased lens of their personal astrology. A spiritual coach who guides women all over the world, her sessions will connect you to your own intuition, while passing on any messages from spirit. Her intimate sessions will also reveal what your personal astrology holds in store for the month or year ahead. Hedy deals with all life areas, including but not limited to career, personal power, sexuality, relationships and family conditioning.

Whether for a monthly check-in or for deeper spiritual guidance, her readings will leave you feeling balanced, empowered and closer to your authentic self.