Astro Coaching

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This 1 hour session can be used as a follow up to an initial birth chart reading or simply as a standalone session to gain some further insights into your personal astrology. You may have spiritual questions or perhaps an important person has entered your life that you would like some insights on. Maybe it’s a project or upcoming calendar date that could benefit from an in-depth astrology review. This is a flexible session, including astrology and intuitive readings focused on giving you the tools and insight to go forward with. Onwards and upwards, let’s go!

Who it's for
For those wanting to start seeing things differently or are feeling stuck, ready to change the way that you approach your life choices.

Key benefits
Astro Coaching helps to identify strengths, develop them (boom) and identify your personal and professional goals.


About Hedy

Hedy Noemi, also known as Nymph of Neptune, is an astrologer and psychic who guides her clients using the unbiased lens of their personal astrology. A spiritual coach who guides women all over the world, her sessions will connect you to your own intuition, while passing on any messages from spirit. Her intimate sessions will also reveal what your personal astrology holds in store for the month or year ahead. Hedy deals with all life areas, including but not limited to career, personal power, sexuality, relationships and family conditioning.

Whether for a monthly check-in or for deeper spiritual guidance, her readings will leave you feeling balanced, empowered and closer to your authentic self.