Sound Healing Aftercare

Thank you so much for giving YOU this time to reconnect with self.

You may be feeling a little spaced out. That’s normal. In an Alchemic Crystal Sound bath the instruments transmit the full spectrum of frequencies and really are a sound bath like no other. One of the frequency rates will ideally have matched your own biological vibration to optimise your experience and benefits.

The sound frequency you experienced will have activated the communication between neuron’s within our brains to move from beta into an alpha state (we go from a flight-or-fight mode, into rest and digest). This activates the parasympathetic nervous system which supports a deep sense of relaxation and calm. It is more than likely you will need a few minutes to reintegrate with the 3D world. 

  1. Drink plenty of water. The body is made up of 60/70% water within that we carry all manner of emotions. The vibration of the Crystal Alchemy bowls can release some of these and it is not uncommon to feel dehydrated as a result of this so please do drink lots of water for the next 24hrs. 
  2. Journal. Often during a sound bath you will experince downloads in the form of visions or words. Once you integrate back into your busy schedule it is easy to forget Journaling can you help you to record anything that may help to guide you in your waking life. 
  3. Avoid Social Media / your phone if you can. You have just reconnected deeply with self. Revel in this moment and get the best out of the work the bowls have done for you. 
  4. Rest. You may find that you sleep extra deeply tonight. In an ideal world you’ll be heading straight home to have a bath with your favourite tincture and off to bed. If you aren’t doing that try at least to get an early night and again have your journal ready for the morning dream recalls. 
  5. Leave a few days until your next sound bath. I know you may feel like you want another one immediately but give your body time to do what it needs to and recalibrate. 

Crystal Alchemy Sound baths can be a profound experience and the more regularly you add them to your self care routine the deeper your healing/ spiritual connection with self can be.