Morgan White

Breath Work Coach

Morgan is a breath work practitioner, who fixed himself. Decades of insomnia had chronic stress had led to poorly functioning immune system, a distracted mind and a battered body. Utilising the principles learnt in multiple Breath work styles such as The Wim Hoff Method, amongst other complimentary methods and disciplines of kung fu ,free diving and yoga,- Morgan White’s style of teaching intertwines functional breathing, functional movement, and traditional Martial arts values to assist his students in restoring health physically and mentally.

His background in martial arts, yoga, free -diving, meditation and breakdance heavily influences his approach to teaching, bringing a signature holistic integration. There is a strong focus on fluid movement and building structure, strength and strong foundations within the body and mind.

“Having experienced the benefits personally, I want to share it with others.”

Morgan offers 1-2-1, small group classes and larger open workshops teaching the ‘oxygen advantage techniques’ (insert alt method here) combined with movement and meditation. Working with complete beginners to trained athletes – tailoring programs to completely suit individual’s needs.