Kathy Saunders

Body Talk Practitioner

Kathy creates a unique experience in each and every session by combining various progressive modalities, which can include LifePrint and Usui Reiki (or other modalities) into her BodyTalk sessions. 

Do you need help in becoming “unstuck”, decrease your stress levels, boost your immune system or energy levels, or just need a better quality of sleep? What would you do if you could feel happier, balanced and more content within yourself, your relationships and your life? Are you ready to invest in yourself for a revamp of your mind, body, spirit?

During her 10+ years in investment banking and impact funding in South Africa she encountered the paradigm for wellness was not rooted purely to Western Medicine. After many tedious tests and different medication, there were no answers and nothing helped alleviate her symptoms. Then she found BodyTalk. With great results, she was converted to a different way of looking at wellness. In 2015 her mental acquisitiveness started her journey to bring you the same shift she had experienced.

Kathy’s methods and personality create a safe space where you can come to your greatest potential, having a better holistic understanding of yourself while getting to the source of what is causing you discomfort physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.