Janet Patry

Body Talk Practitioner

As a life coach, emotional intelligence instructor and Reiki Master, Janet sure knows clarity, balance and direction when she sees them. Driven by her belief that everyone is uniquely gifted and has their own life purpose, she is committed to helping others find theirs and overcome various health issues and mental or emotional blocks. Basically, she’s the kind of person you want to carry around in your pocket for daily (hourly?) guidance.

Her life coaching has lead her to energy work and she is now a BodyTalk practitioner, using holistic therapy to optimise the overall wellness of a wide range of clients who suffer from things like anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, cancer, allergies and digestive issues. And just to add extra shine to an already glistening halo, she also promotes personal and family empowerment as the founder of Right 2 Thrive, a non-profit organisation in Kenya. Tell us about a better life coach. We’ll wait....