Facial A.Cu Aftercare

What to expect when recovering: 


There is generally little to no downtime but it is highly advised that you would take note and adhere to the following

Bruising: Bruising can occur especially in areas under the jaw and near the orbital bone (the bone around the eye) this is considered an expected downtime risk. This means it was explained via your consultation and your pre-treatment forms that bruising can and most probably will occur at some point in your A.cu skin journey. This doesn’t mean it's desirable but it does happen and this would not be a treatment in future to book a day before an event. Our savvy skin specialists would have tried to spot any potential bruising during your treatment and applied a cold compress with some aloe or arnica gel to speed healing.

What can you do if you bruise?

Beloved Arnica saves the day...well the bruise at least and with its healing properties and repeat applications your bruise will slowly reduce and go down. Arnica stimulates healing, increases blood flow and helps the bruise to disappear! Shazam

How long will the bruising last?

Micro bruising (super tiny dots) = 1-3 days

Anything larger = 5-10days 

Arnica anyone?

We have some stocked in the clinic so don’t fret! Contact our friendly team and collect or order for delivery at your convenience. 

Red & tender?

If you’re experiencing this, it’s most likely down to the mixture of the possible extractions, needling and light exfoliating methods performed during your treatment... But please don’t panic! This is totally normal and it should ease within 24 hours. Noticing physical effects like this can actually be surprisingly satisfying as it helps you see that the treatment is working hard at getting your skin back to its beautiful best. And don’t worry if those areas become a bit flaky too – we’ve got you. They too will resolve in a few days.

Pesky Cold sores:

If you have a history of cold sores, this could possibly flare up after treatment. Our treatments are designed to support your immune system but this is still a possible risk with any needling and advance treatment. 

In the general scheme of things 

Be kind to your skin, especially in the first 7 days post-treatment. Rethink your skincare regime for the next few days and stay clear of alcohol-based toners, AHA/BHA exfoliants, vitamin A products (like Retinol), scrubs, skin lightening creams and hydrogen peroxide. If in doubt... Ask your skin specialist as no one knows your product cupboard as they do…


Post-care advice and what to expect when recovering...


Noticed a few unwelcome arrivals post-facial? We promise your skin type hasn’t just had a change of heart - these little blips are only temporary. Congested skin and minor breakouts are quite common at this point in the process and are only happening because your skin is enjoying a lovely little detox. So, as it rids itself of toxins and impurities, of course, there are going to be a few pesky visitors along the way. We’ll take that for clearer, luminous skin in the end! And yes, we know the temptation struggle is real but we beg you not to touch or pick at them. Patience is a clear-skin virtue.

Avoid the heat 

    No direct heat such as a hot shower, bath, cooking intensely over a hob, saunas, or steam rooms. Your skin is already done a workout and doesn’t need any more stimulus, especially heat. Not to mention we created micro- punctures leaving your skin more sensitised than usual. No heat as mentioned above for 24 hours post-treatment.

    Peachy Clean- no hands!

      Leave your face alone! Try your best to not touch your face unnecessarily. Your skin is ‘open’ for the next 24 hours after your needling treatment and is more susceptible to bacteria, so clean hands only to prevent the undoing of all of your therapist’s hard work. Treat yourself to some clean bed linen too and give your phone a good clean with an anti-bacterial wipe to cover all angles. 

      No Acids/ exfoliants

        Take it easy. We’ve done the work... We have exfoliated and taken care of your skin today. Follow your therapist's instructions and avoid any exfoliating products for 7 days post-treatment. 

        6.. No make-up

        This is an obvious one, so apologies for the patronising reminder but we all know how tempting it can be, especially if you are out later. Our advice? Hell no! not for the next 24 hours.

        Protect to perfect:

          For at least 2 weeks post-treatment, SPF is your ride-or-die. Wear an SPF during the day to protect your skin from UVA & UVB. UVA is the ageing ray which is present all year round so no excuses in the winter and UVB is the burning ray that is most apparent when people burn aka tan… 

          Your skin is more sensitised post-needling (medical needling or A.cu needling) so wear an SPF to protect the UV from damaging your skin. Apply it every 2 hours, daily, keep it out of direct sunlight for the first 72 hours and put it in your daily routine thereafter. We promise we’re not boring – hey, you should see us at the team quiz night - but when it comes to your skin vs the sun, we’re militant.

          …and obviously no sunbeds... but we all knew that 

          • Facial queens: We’re talking to you! Don’t book one for at least a    week – promise? We’ll be checking. (Ok, we won’t, but please trust in us.)
          • Gym bunnies: No strenuous exercise for 48 hours. We don’t want you breaking out in a sweat, irritating the skin and even more important heating up the skin. This is for your skin benefit and you get to chill for 2 days!
          • Drinky poos: Say no to excessive alcohol. Your post-treatment skin will thank you.
          • Step away from the wax: No hair removal on your face 3 days before and one week after any needling treatment. It’s just good sense kids.
          • 12. Tan Queens: The last thing you want is your faux glow peeling off. Patchy tan anyone? It’s best to save self-tanning until after the post-treatment flaky skin phase. No fake tanning until all downtime has gone, we advise waiting 7 days.