Herbal Medicine

Initial Appointment £160 and Follow Up £90

Herbal medicine is rooted in traditional wisdom and healing practices whilst being informed by medical science. Diagnostic principles are based on treating “underlying causes” and preventative medicine rather than suppressing symptoms. I gather an extensive case history and in addition to the personalised herbal prescription, I work with you to support barriers to healing through lifestyle and dietary advice, often supporting emotional as well as physical health.

Who’s it for
Many of us have been led to believe that we need to accept the chronic conditions of the modern world, or have been offered limited solutions for common complaints such as poor digestion, chronic pain, anxiety, low moods, constant fatigue, allergies and hormonal imbalances. Often, we've felt like this for so long we forget what it is to feel well, or we feel as though we have tried everything. Or we can sense something is not right but are told test results are 'normal'.

Key Benefits
While many pharmaceutical medicines are derived from plants, herbal medicines often using whole plants and can combine multiple herbs with synergistic actions.
Instead of blocking or taking over a pathway, herbal medicine works to gently relieve, restore and rebalance- guiding the body back to health.


About Treatment

After a comprehensive assessment of all areas of your physical and emotional health and
discussion of your aims, I will prescribe a unique blend of medicinal herbs to support you
back to health or help you manage during periods of acute illness or stress.
The session will take up to 1 hour and is a chance for me to take a complete health history,
discuss and set aims together.

About Practitioner

As a medical herbalist, using a naturopathic approach, Maya has the time to sit and listen to your story, assess all areas of your health and see where support may be needed, and together you formulate solutions that work for you as person not just a condition.

Having worked as a freelance fashion stylist for many years and raising two daughters, Maya understands the challenges that can get in the way of achieving optimal health. Maya studied Naturopathic nutrition at diploma level and then went on to complete a BSC first class hons in Herbal Medicine, enhancing her clinical skills and deepening her knowledge of diagnostics and therapeutics. 

Maya is a member of the Complementary Health Care Council and Association of
Naturopathic Practitioners.